Dark Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Whether you like dark or light ombre hair color ideas, you can always find the style that will compliment your skin complexion. The ombre styles are versatile and sometimes it is really hard to do a right choice. Anyway today we are going to show off the best shades for dark ombre for 2017. If you are looking for changes then check out the following hair designs.Dark Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2017Red Ombre

Here we have a perfect mixture of red and balayage blonde highlights. The vibrant red hue is a perfect complimenting color for the dark base. The beautiful long strands flow gently down and add more flair to this style. As you see colors perfectly blend into each other and make you pop up with a radiant beauty. I assure you that this look is going to be a hit in the coming year too.

red ombre for women 2017

red ombre for women 2017

Champagne Balayage Ombre

Want something that is going to blow the minds? Well, go for dark brown on the crown part with champagne at the bottom. It is not a secret that brown shade is a great base for majority part of colors. Blonde ends and curly twists come in handy to make this design dramatic while providing a look that will gain more attention from opposite gender. Apart of all this style has a natural-looking appearance which is a big plus.

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