Dark Blue Hair Color Ideas for 2017

If you love to experiment with colors then you will definitely get inspired from these dark blue hair color ideas for 2017. You don’t have to wear too bright shades or go for traditional blonde-brown shades. Try to think out of the box and wear a unique hair color that accentuates your individuality. You can channel your inner dark beauty with a dark blue tint. This rich hue will take your hairstyle to a top-notch. Dark blue shade has a touch of mystery that gives a high class to your hairdo.   Dark Blue Hair Color Ideas for 2017Dark Blue Waves

Sometimes cartoon characters can be pretty inspiring while choosing your next makeover and the following picture is the best example. This creative headdress requires blue and black shade. The middle part is painted with a dark hue while the rest of hair has an eye-catching blue shade. The strategically styled waves help to demonstrate the beauty of the colors.Dark Blue WavesBlue Vixen

To make it shiny or not is up to you, but if you want to replicate this style you should choose a color with a glossy finish. The shiny effect makes the deep blue hairdo look high and extremely luxurious. The strands have been styled into retro inspired finger waves. However both the color and the cut make a great combination and create a gorgeous face framing design.Blue VixenSleek Blue Sea

Straight and sleek strands show off the beauty of the shades and make the wearer stand out. When you have colors like these you don’t have to worry about your headdress. A simple medium-length hair has been straightened and paired with bangs. However it is pretty important to choose a right color combination, so it will be better to consult with your colorist before rocking it.Sleek Blue SeaDark Blue Balayage

Your dark brown strands will not look boring anymore. You just need to throw some blue hues at the tips of your strands to liven them up. To achieve this result your colorist has to use the balayage technique. It will provide you with the best effect and help you show people how daring you really are. However, you can’t achieve this look by your own, so find a skillful colorist.Dark Blue BalayageSophisticated Hairdo

Jewel-toned blue is an excellent way to go when you are looking for colorful hair. Excellent highlights bring out the sophistication of dark blue hair and look as gorgeous and glamorous as jet black locks. Chop off your strands into chin-length to demonstrate this incredible color combo. With shades like these you will never go wrong!Sophisticated Hairdo

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