Cutest Hair Color Ideas for Natural Hair

Natural Afro hair or the so called type 4 hair is generally a big problem for women who don’t know how to deal with it. Many use special products, tools and styles to embrace their messy hair and to bring it to a possible beautiful look. However a few realize that a fresh hair color can do miracles for natural locks. Sometimes all you need is a cute hair color for natural hair. Coloring hair can requires the use of chemicals, but there are also hues which are easily achieved on natural colors for natural hair 2017There are three basic types of hair dye-permanent, semi or demi permanent, and temporary. According to the expected, result you should opt for the shade technique that compliments your base hair color and complexion. Coloring hair has less to do with your hair texture, that’s why you need to focus on your skin tone, eye hue and the harmony for your new hair color.

reddish brown natural hair 2017

reddish brown natural hair 2017

According to a specialist of Afro-American hairstyles Miss Jessie coloring naturally curly hair is similar to taking care of baby’s skin. It’s not a simple hair dying process and requires special carefulness. Curly locks are more fragile and generally require more moisture than any other hair type. While coloring your stylist should be quite attention and never hurry up. Slow and steady approach always wins when the thing is about tight curls.

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