Cute Hair Color Ideas for Bold Girls

If you are here, it means you want to shake things up by refreshing your current hair color. There are plenty of ideas to inspire your next hair color makeover. Here I have selected beautiful yet bold hair colors for 2018. Change up your appearance with one of these shades. Note that you need to talk with your hair colorist before rocking any of these tints. Baby Blonde Hair Color 

Prepare yourself for different shades of blonde as all of them are in mainstream. Here is a soft and light shade of blonde is a perfect contrast for your dark winter outfits. It looks radiant next to paler, wintertime complexion. This look requires going for lightening. If you are looking for a true unique look, then this hair color is definitely for you. Just make sure that it works for your complexion. 
Blondz Hair Color 

This look is nothing but chic. It is a combination of blonde and bronze that’s great for dimension and richness throughout. According to hair colorists it is one of the best shades for the upcoming seasons. The lighter highlights are the key to this fabulous look. Give your locks beach waves to bring out all those beautiful undertones. You can’t go wrong with this fab hair design. Marshmallow Hair Color

This daring hair color is light reflecting so you will definitely turn heads. It’s a blend of white grey and platinum shades that provide with a bold icy combo. It requires a lot of upkeep. Light-haired ladies will not suffer as much as dark-haired ladies. However, if you are planning to copy the look, make sure that you are ready for regular touch ups. In fact the color will always keep you in the center of attention.Golden Ombre

A professionally done ombre guarantees a catchy look. The best example is shown below. For this golden ombre make sure that you have a very subtle, gradual change of color from the top of your head to the tips. If you want to replicate the look, show this picture to your hair colorist and don’t forget to ask about cons and pros of having an ombre like this.Jewel Tone Hair

Jewel-toned hair colors don’t show any sign of disappearing so you should use it to  enjoy the trend. Jewel tone hair colors complement different skin tones and eye color, the most important thing is to find something according to your complexion. Jewel-toned hair colors are versatile so choose your favorite.  

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