Craziest Green Hair Color Ideas

It seems as if recently the boundaries are being pushed more frequently and women use hair color just as a means of getting fun. Hair color experiments have become so common and popular that stylists do their best to offer their clients more creative, attractive and unique styles. Blonde, brown and red hair colors have already done their job in the fashion world and the turn is for the latest craziest shades like the green hair color with all its hues. Let’s decide the best green shades for hair colors 2017Deep Green Hair Color

The darker your hair color the more mysterious it looks. The same rule we have in the case of green hair. Have a look at this posh deep green hair color matched with light complexion. It’s a great choice for this short haircut and makes it very fresh, trendy and eye-catching. Deep green hair tends to make your locks look stronger, thicker and more voluminous. While lighter shades are subtler and softer deep green is very powerful and attractive.deep green hair color 2017Teal Green/Turquoise Hair Color

Teal or the turquoise green is a great mixture of the marine blue and dark green shades. It has become so popular due to our celebrities who often rock crazy hair colors. Teal green has a kind of peaceful touch in it, which is felt on loose wavy, straight and slightly shaggy long hairstyles. You can match it both with light and dark complexions but in the majority of cases it is chosen by dark-skinned women.

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