Coolest Hair Highlights for Short Haircuts 2017

Taking into account the fact that short haircuts have become very popular among stylish women and they are always in a search of trendy updates and solutions we represent to you the coolest hair highlights for short hair for 2017. A touch of a fresh hair color is always great for short cuts. Be it a bob or a pixie haircut it’s going to become more eye-catching and fashionable with the help of trendy highlights short hair 2017If you are tired of your long hair and seek for a short haircut then make your choice between the following styles. They are not only trendy but also pretty. Each can easily find the most beautiful short haircut suitable for her face and facial features. A cool short haircut is able to change you entire look and make it very seductive however hair color plays a great role too. In case you love your natural shade and just want to embrace it, you should add some shiny highlights.

short brown hair with highlights for 2017

short brown hair with highlights for 2017

Classic Short Haircuts with Highlights

Elegant bob and pixie haircuts look better in shiny blonde, brown and red hair colors. These are the main short haircuts that we call classic. They are never extravagant and too eye-catching. Monotone and monochrome short haircuts may seem to be dull that’s why you are welcome to highlight them with matching tones. For example blonde pixie and bob haircuts will look better with caramel or light brown tints. In order to create a more natural effect you can go ahead with ash blonde hues. Brown shades will become nicer with lighter brown and caramel tones as well as mahogany red or dark copper tints. As for red hair there are darker tones of red to match and create richer and fresher hair color.

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