Cool Two-Tone Hair Colors for 2017

Women with two-tone hair always draw attention. Monotone shades are still available for all women out there but if you want to get something unique and breathtaking then you will want to introduce some hair highlights or subtle shades in an ombre or sombre style. Two tones all over your head will help to make your haircut more entailed. It will provide you with sassy and interesting hairstyle. Now, have a look at these two-tone hair colors for 2017 and get a new idea of styling your hair.  cool two tone hair color for 2017Black and Silver Updo

The contrast between the natural black hair color and the hand painted grey is just eye-catching and it proves that a beautiful color pattern is what you need to have a chic hairstyle. In this particular style the hair may not have a long length, or a good texture but the two-toned color blend gives it all the beauty that any woman would and white hairDelightful Unicorn Hair

This delightful design uses purple and blue to give the long bob strands a gorgeous two-toned appeal. To replicate this particular style you should start with the light blue as the base and then gradually transform it to light purple on the lower half of the hair to create a subtle ombre design. You also need to five your bob a blunt trim and style it into a face framing design.unicorn hairRed Violet to Deep Red

Long hair will provide you an excellent canvas for several tones and you can’t go wrong with your color choice. In this style the straight stands have a great color design that involves transitioning from a red violet base to a bright red hue on the lower section of the head to create a beautiful ombre. With this color mix you don’t need to go for complicated hairstyles just pulling your hair back will be enough to demonstrate the beauty of the violet to deep red ombre for 2017Pink and Purple Hair

Instead of going for traditional ombre or sombre style you can wear this trendy one by portioning your strands into two lengthwise. You need to give one side a sassy pink shade and a bright purple hue on the other. These locks have been styled into soft curls and then pull them back to show off the color and purple hair color for 2017Red to Bright Ombre

This shade still makes the wearer a redhead and the color design creates a unique look that draws attention. You are planning to replicate this look? Ask your colorist to create a beautiful transition from red to orange shade on the tips to give the hair two-toned design. Your haircut is also crucial.deep red to bright orangeBlonde and Lavender Balayage

This design is not as bright as the others and it has a natural-looking appearance. Blonde is a shade that works mostly with all color combination. In this style it is paired with a shade of lavender to give the long mane a feminine appeal. To be sure that these shades are going to blend into each other perfectly you need to free hand paint your locks.
blonde balayage for 2017

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