Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Ideas for 2017

If you are ready for the next hair color inspiration then let’s move on! This latest trend tends to be more vibrant and eye-catching. While creating it, the colorists keep in their mind that it should be more luminous, blend well with our natural hair color and flatter our complexions. The new trend is chocolate mauve that’s going to work great for all women out there. Chocolate is a natural and neutral shade of brown that can be seen on many women, while mauve is a pale purple tone that makes a great combination with chocolate hue. In 2017 chocolate mauve will be one of the most requested shades.Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Ideas for 2017Who is the creator? Well, this time we should thank Hannah Edelman who is the owner of Brush in Hand Salon in Brooklyn. During one of her interviews she has mentioned that using colorful hues of Pravana Vivids, she has recreated natural brown hues blending purple pink and other tones. So, the result happened to be an incredible maculate mauve hair color.cute chocolate mauve hairHow to get it: Well, this gorgeous shade is impossible to get by your own, so first of all consider finding a good hair colorist who is familiar with it and will provide you with the best effect. However the colorist Hannah Edelman has done her experiments on the client who was a natural brunette. She has blended five basic tints such as dark and medium brown, mauve and two different tones of pink to achieve what you see now. By using a balayage technique she has created a perfect color melt. It helps to connect the natural color to all these rainbow hues. Due to this method of coloring, the strands become low maintenance. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about grown out roots, since you have to keep them natural.chocolate mauve hair color idea

By the way you may ask your colorist for a full head balayage, then a mauve toner or a color melt using semi-permanent light brown and mauve tints. This color is great to wear on any hair length and type. Well, we are talking about brunettes but let’s not forget about blondes. I am glad to inform that blondes also can rock this shade, but they should be ready to give up their light hair color.chocolate mauve hair trendHowever, with a rich hair color like this you will never go wrong so consider wearing it in the upcoming season too. Just make sure that you are getting it in a right way to have a subtle and eye-catching chocolate mauve hair

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