Celebrities Inspired Hair Colors for 2017

When it comes to hair colors, you need to take your time and think hard before taking any shade. We have created many articles about pastel shades but let’s not forget that natural-looking colors are also in high range. One of the most popular colorists once said that then women were just fine with their colored hair but everything has changed and most of females just want to keep their natural hair color but add some dimension and depth to the lifeless locks. Well, it is not a bad idea but before making a decision just check out celebrities’ inspired hair colors for 2017 to be accurate in your choice.Celebrities Inspired Hair Colors for 2017Golden blonde: In case if you want to have a natural-looking hair color then the golden-blonde shade with Champagne shimmer throughout your hair will be a perfect option for you. The base of natural dark shade is visible but there are a lot of different light pieces through the top that add dimension. If you want to recreate this look, you will need to ask your hairstylist to create a golden base and add light highlights and some lowlights.

Margot Robbie Golden blonde

Margot Robbie Golden blonde

Warm brown-black: these shades will always be trendy whether you like it or not. Try to wear this combination in a way that makes others think it’s your natural shade. The brown tones throughout dark strands will play off your skin and add dimension. If you want to keep your ultra dark hair shiny, use a clear gloss.

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