Celebrities’ Hair Highlights for 2017

Celebrities’ hairdos teach us that highlights can drastically differ. There are limitless options to brighten up your lifeless strands with various highlights from sun-kissed to cool contrast, chunky to babylights and etc. Highlights are meant for all ladies with different skin complexions and hair types. Nowadays various types of highlights are in demand and everyone opts for them, since it is the best way to upgrade the monotone strands. Today I have made a list of celebrities’ hair highlights for 2017 to help you with your choice. Celebrities Hair Highlights for 2017Slicing

The slicing technique is all about super thin highlights applied into the strands. Gorgeous Ashley Benson’s ultra thin light blonde streaks add extra dimension and depth to her hairdo. Highlights have great power to change your overall look so even thin highlights may radically change your monotone headdress into something incredible, so consider pulling them off.slicingChunky Highlights

If you have thought that chunky highlights are outdated then you have mistaken since they are totally in. Popular Ciara demonstrates how to pull off the incredible chunky look and look sexy. The most important thing to keep in your mind is that you shouldn’t use too much contrast in the shade since it may lead to an artificial look. It is recommended consulting with your colorist before wearing chunky hair highlights.

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