Caramel Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Recently caramel hair color has been a dominant shade among all brunet and blonde hair color alternatives. That is to say, women looking for something between blonde and brunet opt for caramel hair colors for 2017. This sweet candy inspired hair color with so much warmth and richness in it makes hair very beautiful, luscious and appealing. It goes well with most complexions and eye hues. Since there are caramel blonde and caramel brown hair colors as well as their delightful mixtures, you can easily pick the best shade for your skin tone.caramel hair colors 2017Black to Caramel Hair Color

If you seek for a high contrast and an eye-catching hair color the black to caramel combination is a great tool for you. Keep your dark base hair color and highlight all over with chunky caramel highlights. Longer strands are highly recommended in this case. Curl your locks with a large-sized curling tool to enhance the dramatic contrast between the dark and warm shades. Back women will easily take their hairstyle to the next level with the help of this to caramel hair color 2017Caramel Balayage Hair Color

The illusion of burning flames will be provided by caramel balayage hair color. This is another trendy hair color for brunettes. After coloring your hair ask your stylist for voluminous and luscious waves in order to show off the fresh caramel hues framing your face. Both medium and long layered haircuts are the ideal haircuts for caramel balayage hair colors.caramel balayage hair color 2017Caramel Highlights All Over Hair

Caramel highlights added to the bangs, layers and all over your long strands creates a fun and cheeky color. This best works when paired with dark base hair color. Add a glam and a kind of drama to your strands with the help of caramel highlights. Style your hair into straight and classic hairstyles.caramel highlights 2017Caramel Ombre Hair Color

Make a jump from sweet to elegant. Pair a warm caramel hair color with dark brown roots and have your locks ombred. Go for a curly, layered or straight hairstyle and keep your hair long enough for a better effect. Pick a bright red lipstick and black eyeliner to create a festive and luxurious look.caramel ombre hair color 2017Pure Caramel Hair Color

We mostly meet caramel hair color as a highlighting or ombre styling idea, but what about pure caramel hair? It’s a sweet and shiny hair color for many of us who look for a monotone shade between blonde and brown hair colors. What else can be so perfect than the pure caramel hair color?pure caramel hair color 2017

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