Caramel Brown Hair Colors for 2016/2017

If you think that caramel is a single shade then check out this guide to the latest caramel brown hair colors to use in 2016/2017. This trendy hair color will provide you with a hooter hairstyle and prettier hair styling ideas. It will warm up your complexion and will add richer hues of brown to blondish tints with deep golden undertones. Caramel brown is a gorgeous hair color for anyone who wants to pull off a hotter hair color than her current monochrome shade.caramel brown hair color 2017Blake Lively Caramel Brown Hair Color

Though Blake Lively is mostly blonde shades but we sometimes see her in darker and warmer hair colors like the soft and subtle caramel brown. In spite of the fact that she has medium skin with warm bronze undertones her hair colorist perfectly knows which shade of caramel brown best goes with her complexion. This is the case when we are inspired by a natural-looking brunette who is actually an ideal strawberry blonde elegance. blake lively medium wavy brown hair color 2017Beyoncé Caramel Brown Hair Color

Another famous caramel brunette is Beyoncé. Unlike Blake Lovely’s monotone caramel brown shade, Beyoncé has chosen a combination of various caramel brown shades along with highlights and lowlights. This adds a hint of richness to her brunette hair and creates a kind of balance between her shade and skin tone. It goes well with her warm brown eyes and voluminous curly hairstyles.

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