Burnt Orange Hair Color Ideas for 2017

2017 has been a year of peach, rose gold and mermaid hair colors. What else are we going to see? Surely, popular hair colorists know the answer. This latest trend will make your head spin. Meet burnt orange hair colors for 2017. Many trends come and go but this one promises to stay with us for a while. Burnt orange is a stunning blend of tones such as vibrant red and vivid orange. It is an excellent opportunity for you to wear the shade that fits your fiery personality. Good news – it flatters both fair and dark skin tones. Check out these inspiring pictures and create your own blend of colors.orange hair colors for 2017Burnt Orangey Copper Hair Color

If you are looking for something subtle yet eye catching, choose this combination of red and burnt orange. The vibrant red applied to the roots transforms into a burnt orange towards the tips. It is an excellent option for you, if you are naturally redhead. Add some soft waves to your strands for a true unique and feminine style. It is time to grab attention with your brand-new hair color.Burnt Orange Hair Color Ideas for 2017Fade to Peach Color Melt

It is a fabulous style for adventurous women. Well, this gorgeous beauty blogger rocks a chic hair color that starts with dark roots getting progressively lighter towards the tips. Indeed, the look is way far from being ordinary, so you will definitely turn heads. If you are afraid of fading, feel free to use special hair products to maintain your vibrant hair color.

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