Bold Blackberry Hair Colors: Best Trend of 2018

For an ultimate hair color inspiration,what else can be better than food? Hair colorista draw their inspiration from the yummiest foods to provide you with the best coloristic solutions. Remember! Pumpkin spice, cinnamon swirl, plum, cherry bomber, chocolate brown hot toffee – these shades capture women’s hearts and have become the trendiest hues of that season. Today, blackberry is in the center of everyone’s eye. It is the next delicious hue that come to bring out the bold girl hidden inside you. Just for your triumph, check these bold blackberry hair colors for 2018. Blackberry Highlights 

This blackberry uses the most beautiful strokes of balayage highlights for a seamless color combo. Clients are in love with the idea, since it adds extra depth and dimension throughout the strands. Obviously these balayage highlights are the best for turning boring and plain dark hair into something interesting and catchy. You can take this mind-blowing look to different direction to flatter your tone and personal style. Honey Caramel + Blackberry Highlights 

Want to go a little bit further than honey and caramel highlights? Well, hit the button and apply some incredible blackberry highlights over your hair. The contrast provided by the tones is amazing. Obviously the color has been created for all brunettes out there. The best thing about it is that you never need to change your natural hue, just go ahead with several streaks and get a whole new look without full commitment. Vibrant Violet and Dark Brown 

This season you should definitely shake things up. You can do that with a vibrant violet and dark brown shades. Here is an example that you can take as an inspiration. It is about deep shades of reddish purple shades that have been seamlessly blended into dark brown hair. Well, those who have ever thought that bright shades is not for brunettes, need to see this amazing look. Dark Sultry Blackberry  

As you can see different hair colorists have different approach towards the shade, so if you want to get exact this look, make sure to show the picture to your colorist. It is a dark sultry shade that is currently hits the internet. The blue accents is the first thing that grabs attention. No wonder, it is considered one of the best shades for all brunettes. These highlights are great for everyone since the root shade is still maintained natural. Indeed, you can adopt the style in order to update your current brunette locks. Just make sure to find a skillful hair colorist. 

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