Blorange Hair Colors for 2017

Blorange is another clever name for the rainbow hair color. This trend requires mixing blonde and orange tones to create a yummy look. It is pretty easy to achieve if you start with a blonde or strawberry blonde base. It is an excellent option for blondes who are looking for a temporary change. Women with naturally dark strands will need to pre-lighten their hair to achieve this pale coppery hue. This hair color is absolutely flattering for cool and fair complexions but it suits golden skin tones too. However women with red undertones should avoid this trend. Here are the best blorange hair colors for 2017.  Blorange Hair Colors for 2017Orange Hair Color

This particular hair color is all about blending the shades correctly. Even in this subtle form the blood orange palette works well. However it is a great idea for those who want to spice up their blonde locks with a charming shade. The best thing about this delicious hair color is that it can be easily achieved on light base. It is a rich shade that doesn’t require any sophisticated styling.Orange Hair ColorCotton Candy Hair

This is the modern take on candy hair colors. The cotton candy shade like this will warm up your complexion and bring out the beauty of your eye color. It is a stylish and modern look that is worth your effort and time. Well, you can maintain the color with the help of hair products such as conditioners and shampoos for color-treated strands.

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