Blonde Brown Hair Colors For 2017

Highlighted Beach BrondeBrown Blonde Ombre

Well, if you have a trendy lob haircut and you want to update it, go for a stylish ombre transition. Let it be an ombre that is dark on the top and light towards the tips. Settle for light beach waves and go on to create a simple side part or center part. A slight hair flip is the best way to finish the look. Note that this ombre has a natural-looking appearance.Brown Blonde OmbreGolden Brown with Blonde Streaks

I am sure many of you would like to re-create this look. It requires starting with a jet black shade at the base and going deeper towards the roots. Then you will want to add light golden brown highlights at the crown that are achieved through balayage technique. You can make the highlights sharper at the bottom by introducing some light blonde streaks that create a lovely honey blonde shade.Golden Brown with Blonde StreaksWarm Blonde and Brown Tones

A blend of brown and blonde tones is great to achieve a sweet honey blonde shade. If you want to have a warm hair color like this, consider using slightly warmer shades of blonde and brown. It is an excellent option for any season of the year. To showcase your color blend in the best way, go for gorgeous waves.Warm Blonde and Brown Tones

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