Biggest Hair Color Transformation

Model’s blonde hair is nothing bet chic and sophisticated. She looks great with this vibrant shade. By the way, it is a great idea to wear this hair color even in winter. Bring summer into your life!Emma Stone Blonde Hair Color 

Like always, Emma Stone shines. She has debuted a warm blonde hair color that perfectly flatters her light skin tone and eye color. The color is spiced up with strawberry undertones that provide with a pop up combo. Obviously, Emma Stone looks great both as a redhead and blonde. Regardless of whether you decide to go for blonde or red, make sure to fit it to your skin tone. Blonde hair colorSophie Turner Blonde Hair Color 

Sophie Turner’s blonde hair color is the main talk of the town. The queen of Game of Thrones changes her red tresses into blonde. The actress reveals a new blonde that is full of drama. Indeed, it is not an easy look for brunettes and redheads as they will need to bleach their locks, but it is an effortless idea for blondes. If you are looking for a drastic change, this blonde is for you. blonde hair colorMaisie Williams Aquamarine Hair Color 

When you are young, you want to experiment with all cray hair colors out there. Maisie Williams is a bold young lady that always achieves unexpected shades. Here you can see her with a short bob that is colored in turquoise tone. The vivid tone works pretty cool with her dark roots. pastel hair color

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