Best Hair Highlights to Enhance your Face

Hair Strobing for Oval FaceHair Strobing for Heart Face

Well, if you have a heart-shaped face, you should consider balancing out more narrow cheeks with highlights placed around the crown of your head. Ask you colorist to add the lightest of your strobed highlights around your chin to give an illusion of a rounder face. Every colorist can achieve this stunning look.Hair Strobing for Heart FaceHair Strobing for Square Face

Long side swept bangs are meant to soften square faces. When it comes to strobing, you will need to ask your stylist to place highlights at the front of your hair. These highlights will not only brighten up your look but also soften your face shape. However you should make sure that the highlights are placed correctly.Hair Strobing for Square FaceMaintenance of Hair Highlights

It is a ridiculously low-maintenance look that has already managed to capture the beauty world. Hair strobing looks beautiful on everyone. However to make your look last longer, the upkeep is crucial. Look for shampoos and conditioners that help maintain color. Ask for sulfate-free shampoos. There are also treatments for brunettes, redheads and strobing

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