Best Hair Highlights to Enhance your Face

2017 is a year of make-up contouring and the same concept can be used for hair too. It is not a new technique of highlighting the locks but this greatest trend has been updated. Perhaps you have already heard of strobing the face. If you scroll down your Instagram feed you will see numerous beauty bloggers demonstrating how you can use this technique to achieve a totally new look. Hair strobing is the same! These face framing hair highlights make a great option for anyone who wants to enhance her face shapes. As the look is being created according one’s face shape, no one’s result is going to be the same. Here is everything you would love to know about hair strobing as the best hair highlights of the year.Hair Strobing: Best Hair Highlights to Enhance your FaceHair Strobing for Round Face

Round face owners can create a slimmer face by placing highlights towards the bottom of the locks. Ask your hair colorist to add lowlights at the crown of your head and avoid accentuating your hairline otherwise it will draw attention to the center of your face. Just keep the highlights towards the bottom of your locks and the problem is solved.Hair Strobing for Round FaceHair Strobing for Oval Face

Girls with oval faces are really lucky as it is the most balanced face shape. The best thing is that they can try out bold hair strobing options too. Actually it is the easiest face shape to pull off any hairstyle. According to the colorists highlights placed underneath the locks may illuminate that perfect face but the strobing along the cheekbones can highlight the best of your features.

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