Best Hair Colors for Fair Skin 2017

Should you go for another hair color? Should you find the best shade for your locks? These questions first come in your mind when you are inspired by a trendy hair color. However, every stylist recommends to take into account several important factors before you change your natural hair color. It’s essential to consider your skin tone, eye hue, current hair color and of course the expected result.  If you have pale complexion then check out this guide to the best hair colors for fair colors for fair skin 2017Ash Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin

Let’s start from the most natural-looking and neutral hair color for fair skin. It’s the light ash blonde with thin and subtle platinum blonde highlights, which provide with extra-shine. If this is all you need to enhance your natural charm then go ahead with alight blonde hair color like Adele. She always choose the best hair colors for her complexion and eye hue. The result is always delightful and feminine.ash blonde for fair skin 2017Dark Brown Hair Color for Fair Skin

Many men like women with pale skin tones, light eyes and dark hair. It’s easy to create if you have the first two. Just dye your hair in a dark brown hair color and get the amazing natural effect. This soft and subtle shade goes well with pale skin tones and light eyes. However, it also compliments dark eye hues.

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