Balayage Hair with Highlights for 2017

This French technique has already gained popularity among ladies. It provides with a soft natural-looking highlights that look more stylish and modern than traditional coloring methods. You can get the color depending on your personal preference. It can be either bold and bright or soft and delicate. The best thing about balayage is that it works on a variety of hair lengths, textures and colors. Most of women prefer balayage because the maintenance is relatively low. By the way check out these balayage hairstyles with highlights for 2017 and find different ways to pull off balayage.Balayage Hair with Highlights for 2017Caramel Highlights in Chocolate Waves

Caramel balayage always looks appealing since it creates the sweetest look ever. Caramel and chocolate make the best couples. This color combination works almost for all women with different complexions. Anyone applying this color will definitely succeed. It is a nice upgrade for brunettes since it doesn’t involve extreme shades.Caramel Highlights in Chocolate WavesBalayage with Honey Highlights

I have already mentioned that balayage works for any hair length and medium-length hair can really benefit from balayage treatments in a variety of shades. Enhance your hair color according to the season and try out some right-in-trend waves to show off every strand. Honey balayage on medium-length strands looks pretty natural and trendy. It is an excellent option for women who are looking for something close to natural hair.Balayage with Honey HighlightsAuburn Balayage Hair

Auburn hair is not for all since it is meant for certain personality types. If you find your nature strong, tampered, sassy then this deep red hue will look incredible on you. If your hair is thin, you can use this color to “thicken” things up. A right chosen color will definitely boost your volume and provide with a vibrant touch. Just give your strands a little bit wavy touch to show off an excellent color.Auburn Balayage HairBalayage Highlights

Here is another option for ladies with darker strands. If you find your dark brunette locks pretty flattering and you don’t want to go for lighter shades, then you will love this balayage idea. Here balayage highlights enhance the overall appearance of brunette hair and makes it even more interesting. Anyway if you have dark hair, go for chocolate, auburn or honey colored streaks to keep it super natural.Balayage HighlightsEspresso with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Now colorists prefer to place thin highlights above the mid-shaft and thick highlights below. This method of placing highlights provides with a mind-blowing and outstanding headdress. Honey and caramel tones blend perfectly together and tie dark roots and blonde tips together. Effortless curls are possible to re-create with the help of hair tools.Espresso with Caramel Blonde Highlights

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