Awesome Chunky Hair Highlights

In order to achieve a modern hairstyle or hair color we opt for different solutions. Sometimes hair highlights are the best options. Here we are going to be admired by the best chunky hair highlights. While thin highlights tend to make hair shinier, go well with subtle facial features and keep the natural touch, chunky highlights best go with big eyes and lips.chunky hair highlights 2017Chunky Blonde Highlights

Highlights for short to medium hair are equal to fun. If you have short or mid-length dark brown hair and it seems a kind of dull hairstyle then spice it up with chunky blonde highlights. New haircuts and fresh hair colors can immediately take your look to the next level. Your hairstyle will be even fresher if you add highlights on bangs too.chunky blonde highlights 2017Chunky Red Highlights

Light to dark brown hair colors as well as black locks look eye-catching with reddish highlights. While women with mahogany red or reddish brown hair colors can update their hair with thin highlights, monotone colored hairstyles can be beautified with chunky red highlights. Consult with a stylist to opt for the right red shade for your current hair color, complexion and eye hue.

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