Aubergine Hair Color Trend

Fall is close and all you have to do is to get ready for it. Each new season requires a new style, so that you will never get tired or feel bored. This coming season promises even hotter and cooler shades full of vibrancy and radiance. Whenever you feel like changing something consider your hair color.  It is a well-proved fact that even some accents on your hair may completely bring your style into a different level. Try to place some highlights and check your pictures before and after, the result is going to be impressive. Well, today I have decided to come up aubergine hair color trend.Aubergine Hair Color TrendActually aubergine hair is a mixture of red and purple shades blended to create an eye-catching burgundy shade. It can be subtle color over brown or a spiffy purple-red plum when applied over platinum blonde hair.  The base of your natural hair is pretty important which is why we always advise you to consult with your colorist before trying to change your hair color.

aubergine hair color idea for 2017

aubergine hair color idea for 2017

If you have an intention to get aubergine hair the easiest way is to apply extreme purple “go deep” over medium brown hair. Beautiful eggplant shades are more than visible. Eggplant hair is just hair colored in a very deep purple to mimic an eggplant like the name suggests. Eggplant and aubergine are the same colors.

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