6 Prominent Shades of Brown for 2017

Whether you are planning to become a hot brunette or just freshen up your natural brown hair color, you came in a right place, in a right moment. Brown is a smart shade which will never been called outdated.6 Prominent Shades of Brown for 2017 The majority part of people has natural brown hair but they can always upgrade their color with other brown shades. Be that light, medium or dark brown, it will add an extra dimension to your locks. Somehow it is impossible to select all brown shades in one place, but I have included 6 prominent shades of brown for 2017

Golden Brown Hair Color: it is a warm shade great for females with peachy or golden skin complexion and brown or hazel eyes. To enhance the overall look you can incorporate your golden brown strands with some blonde highlights and create a beautiful combination.

Golden brown hairstyles

Golden brown hairstyles

Cocoa Hair Color: it is a pale, cool brown shade that flatters cool or fair skin complexion and makes your either green or blue eyes pop up. This shade appears to be fresher when you add some creamy blonde hair highlights. If you have natural medium brown hair then this shade is perfect for you.

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