2017/2018 Marble Hair Color Ideas

If you are looking for a way to add some edge to your style, you can do that with marble hair color.faded marbleMonotone Marble Hair Color

It is not necessary to apply various tones throughout your locks to create a marble hair color; monotone marble looks equally cool. This marble uses grey hair color for a striking look like this. If you also want to achieve the same style, ask your hairstylist for a silvery blonde and grey shades, but remind him/her to use the marble hair color technique. This cool-toned hair color is worth trying.Monotone Marble Hair ColorPink Undertones

Marble hair color works with pink undertones as well. The options to achieve the color are quite diverse. You may consider mixing the shades together using the marble technique and then finish the style with pink undertones. You may even add some other complimentary hues such as green or red. It will provide with even more dimension and texture.Pink UndertonesSubtle Marble Hair Color

Bright and vibrant hair color lovers, will not pass by this style. It is just striking and it is requires using multiple tones to create a summer look like this. It goes without saying, that this style requires lots of upkeep but you will see that it is totally worth your effort, time and money. After getting the shade, ask your hair colorist for color treatments.subtle marble hair color

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