2017/2018 Marble Hair Color Ideas

If you are still obsessed with mesmerizing marble nail art, you will appreciate the latest technique for coloring your strands as well. Meet 2017/2018 marble hair colors. This trend is taking Instagram feeds and that’s not surprising at all, as the offered hair looks are strikingly beautiful. So, who is the creator of this amazing hair color? Well, that is Virginia-based hairstylist Ash Fortis. She drew her inspiration from nail art videos. However, marble hair color makes a great choice for anyone who is in love with the brightest rainbow shades. Scroll down to see the pictures that we have compiled for you.marble hair colorsPastel Hair Colors

Let’s start our list with a bright hair color like this. To achieve the look, hair colorist used a wide spectrum of shades with high vibrancy. It is a huge commitment so prepare yourself for lots of attention. You may ask your hair colorist to apply the shades with layers. It is important to use a right combination of shades to avoid failures. The following style is for those, who are looking for experimenting with rainbow hair colors.Pastel Hair ColorsFaded Rainbow Hues

This headdress imitates mesmerizing mermaid hair and it is done using marble hair color technique. What we love about this style, is the muted shades that have been melted into each other to create a faded effect. To achieve a color like this, hair colorist used anything from pastel green to pastel purple.

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