2017 Plum Hair Colors for Your Next Appointment

Plum is the best color of the season. Like any other shade, plum also comes in numerous sub-tones, so it may seem a little bit tough to decide on the shade. Undoubtedly, the choice should be created based on your skin tone and eye color. This juicy shade is simply striking as it adds extra depth and dimension throughout your locks. Indeed, plum is the best tone for a quick update. Luckily, there are plum shades for everyone. Go on reading to discover the best plum hair colors for 2017.2017 Plum Hair Colors Burgundy Plum Hair Color

If you want to taste plum hair color without full commitment, this is the best option to do that. It is quite dark shade, so you don’t have to worry about being too light, although it is still a statement shade that will set you apart from the others. This color works both on business women and young ladies. You can keep the roots dark to reduce maintenance.Burgundy Plum Hair ColorPurple Plum Hair Color

There are so many shades the you can combine and achieve a new sophisticated hair color. Purple makes a great pair for plum hair color as it comes from the same color spectrum. The freshness and vibrancy of this color combo is just alluring. Never fear to go for changes, as the changes help learn ourselves. Just keep in your mind that the color looks beautiful when it is fresh.Purple Plum Hair ColorMagenta Plum

Indeed, magenta plum is not for soft-heart ladies. It is a bold shade that will make you stand out in crowd. Magenta is not a natural shade, so it tends to fade out easily. If you decided to take the plunge and rock the shade, prepare yourself for regular touchups. It is an amazing color combo for women with warm skin and blue or hazel eyes.magenta plum hair colorPlum Balayage

Balayage is the best technique to achieve a natural looking hair color, even though the shade is not natural. Balayage has a power to blend the colors seamlessly and create a flawless look. This balayage plum is great for women with dark hair color. It adds a pop of color to the strands. By the way any color combined with plum, may have a natural-looking appearance when achieved through balayage technique.plum balayageChocolate Plum Hair Color

If you have chocolate brown hair, try this way of experimenting with plum. Ask your hair colorist to place some plum highlights throughout your chocolate brown hair to create a striking look. The highlights will not only make your chocolate brown hair pop up but also add extra dimension in your hair.Chocolate plum hair color

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