2017 Neon Hair Ideas: Street Styles

The rainbow of neon hair colors spotted between shows over the past week continues to gain popularity on the global beauty scene. According to popular stylist in New York, the trend has already moved to London. Models have worn vivid neon shades and the photographers didn’t miss their chance to take some pictures. However these pictures have become the matter of discussion, since the models look just incredible with these irresistible vibrant shades. If you also want to turn to 2017 neon hues, check out these examples from fashion weeks and get inspired from.2017 Neon Hair Ideas Street Styles Fifth Element Orange

This neon orange reminds us Leeloo from the movie “Fifth Element”. Well, the color is eye-popping and it has an unnatural looking appearance. Apart from a vivid tint, the model also has an interesting cut and it involves chopping off a short fringe and keeping the back a bit longer than the sides. Perhaps the stylist wanted to mimic a modern version of a Mullet haircut. However both the color and the design are combined to create a unique hairdo.neon orangeCandy Pink

Candy pink is the sweetest color and it will always form a beautiful design. In this style the hair has been colored into pink and purple shades. Pink has been used all over the head, while purple highlights are added to enhance the overall look. Well, the color is impeccable, what about the cut? You will need to go for blunt fringe and keep the rest of hair in a wavy style.

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