2017 Multi-Tone Blonde-Brown Hair Colors

Bronde hair, sun-kissed mixture, creamy swirl or whatever you may call it it’s the biggest hair color trend for 2017. This is the multi-dimensional, low-maintenance and sophisticated combination of blonde and brown hues, which pale you somewhere between natural blondes and brunettes. It’s not pure blonde and not pure blonde. it’s all about your natural base hair color spiced up with cute highlights. You become the wearer of both shades and sparkle with all your beauty.multi-tone blonde brown hair colors 2017According to skillful colorist Johnny Ramirez it’s “six-month hair” that looks gorgeous even between touch ups.  In order to update it you need to visit your colorist only twice a year. Even without additional touch ups blonde to brown or brown to blonde balayage, ombre, sombre and cinnamon swirl styles look fresh and glamorous. Just focus on the haircuts and hairstyles keeping up with the fashion.

Johnny Ramirez hair color idea for Jessica Alba 2017

Johnny Ramirez hair color idea for Jessica Alba 2017

Once your hair is grown out the shades look more interesting and original. This is not the case that requires quick and asap update expect the cases when you have grey strands. Sun-lightened locks shine faintly making all your hair tenderer and prettier. Inspired by her daughter’s hair Ramirez has created delightful shades for celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr. All kinds in general have soft, shiny and very subtle hair colors which inspire many hair colorists.

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