2017 Medium Blonde Hair Colors

golden blonde hair color 2017Honey Blonde Hair Color

The role of the honey blonde is irreplaceable in the fashion world. It is often used a hot shade for hair highlights but women who prefer warm and glossy hues choose it as their base hair color. If you have light skin tone and want to make it visually warmer then this is the right shade for you. It looks natural with medium complexions and light eyes but you can combine honey blond hair with light warm brown eyes too.honey blonde hair color 2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

One of the hottest shades of blonde is the strawberry tone. It’s another medium blonde shade for light and medium complexions. This hair color is gorgeous especially in summer when you combine it with ethereal outfits and accessories. You can opt for long wavy and straight hairstyles to turn heads with your super stylish look. Between natural-looking shades of blonde strawberry blonde has its perfect place. This hair color is gorgeous with green eyes.strawberry blonde hair color 2017Multidimensional Blonde Hair Color

Mix several hues of blonde and you will get something close to medium tones. This trick works well particularly when you have thin hair and want to make it look fuller. You will create a richer hair color that’s full of highlights and shiny tints. Depending on your skin tone and eye hue your choice can be either light or a bit dark but the final result is a medium blonde.multidimensional blonde 2017

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