2017 “Lived-in” Hair Color Trend

This is of course more fashionable these days taking into account the fact that women lie to grow out their locks and go for messy layered cuts.  Instead having to wait, you can get the casual grown-out look right there at the salon. Keep in mind that lived-in hair best works with relaxed waves, which are generally flat at the top part and gradually become wavy at the tips. This combination is ideal especially for spring and summer as well as for the hot beach season when you can easily go for beach waves. They will bring out your brand new style and will draw attention to the natural shine of your hair.Lived-in Hair Color trend 2017How to Get:

So, first of all you need to make sure you can achieve this hair color at home and then pass on to the dyeing technique. If you are not sure you can DIY then you’d better visit a salon. Start by looking for shades that are close to your natural hair color.  This is the case when hair colorists have a good eye for that and are able to give you the best idea of shades from the original blonde to brown. Try to identify your natural hair color is in daylight examining the top part of your hair. Once the right tone is found you can then go ahead with creating the desired blend of color. Your locks of lighter shades are added for subtle highlights. Lived-in hair color best appears particularly natural when you have different lengths and widths on your hair. That is to say, the best haircuts for liven-in hair colors are long layers. Each of us can get perfect lived-in hair colors according to our skin tone and natural hair color.Lived-in Hair Color for 2017

Lived-in Hair Color for 2017

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