2017 “Lived-in” Hair Color Trend

If you are into new hair color trends then meet the “Lived-in” hair color trend for 2017. This is one of the most required and popular hair colors in Los Angeles and it’s becoming more and more demanded all over the world. Women can’t live without creative changes, that’s why hair stylists always think of something more interesting to satisfy them. It’s officially the color of 2017 and will be a big trend in 2018 too. Let’s find out what’s it and whether you can pull it off on your hair or not.Lived-in Hair Colors 2017What is Lived-in Hair Color?

Represented by famous colorist Johnny Ramirez the lived-in hair color is a new way of highlighting and mixing shades in order to create a stunning grow out effect naturally. The most inspiring part about this hair color is that it can last up to six months. The coloring process however is not that simple and easy. It’s fairly extensive and takes about six hours to complete and while it may seem too much for you other fashionistas decide spending half the day at the salon twice a year, to get this fancy and attractive style. Lived-in Hair Color trend for 2017The principle of the lived-in hair color idea is your own natural hair color or highlights of similar shades mixed in one another. This process is done so daintily and elegantly that no transitions are eye-grabbing. And while some stylists think that it’s not something new and it can be compared with sombre or balayage hair colors, the secret is hidden in the details. Compared to the rest of natural-looking highlights, lived-in is all about a grown-out color in a rather messier than tidier effect.  

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