2017 Light Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Gorgeous highlights and lowlights are spice of your dark brown strands. Even the simplest haircuts get a sophisticated look with right chosen highlights and lowlights. They are meant to bring out your eye color and skin complexion. When it comes to highlights the colorists recommend going for two toned lighter than your natural hair color. However the lowlights are normally being two tones darker than the natural hair. Another popular way of wearing lowlights and highlights is to combine them together and get a unique shade. By the way, today’s post is all about 2017 light brown hair with lowlights and highlights. 2017 Light Brown Hair with Highlights and LowlightsLight Highlights

Natural looking hair highlights tend to spice up the overall look. In this particular design there are various highlights and it is even hard to understand where the base shade ends and where the highlights begin. It is not even important when the result happens to be the most gorgeous light hair color we have ever seen. Well, you should also know how to maintain the color; or example a deep purple shampoo will definitely work well.Light HighlightsCool Toned Highlights

When highlights and lowlights are being combined together, you can be sure of having a unique and mind blowing hair color. Here the brown lowlights are more accentuated on the top and back of the head while the blonde streaks are more visible in the front. So it’s something between ombre and highlights. Whatever it is, the most important thing is that this shade is ridiculously amazing.

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