2017 Hottest Mahogany Red Hair Colors

Mahogany red is a reddish brown hair color idea inspired the wood-y shade. This neutral red shade is the best choice when you can’t decide between red and brown hues. Actually, it’s a mixture of brown and dark red hues, which go well with most skin tones. The best complexion for mahogany red hair colors is medium with warm undertones. It compliments brown eyes and brings out light eye hues. Sometimes you can even add purplish shades to your fresh mahogany red hair color in 2017 in order to keep it fashionable, shiny, richer and deeper.Mahogany Red Hair Colors 2017Mahogany Red Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Women with pale skin tones hardly find red shades suitable for their hair. Chances of having a well-balanced look increase when it comes to mahogany red. So, due to the cool mixture of reddish brown and violet hues you get a stunning shade to combine with many skin tones. As I have already mentioned above the most flattering complexion is the medium skin tone.

Mahogany Red Hair Color with medium skin 2017

Mahogany Red Hair Color with medium skin 2017

Mahogany hair colors incorporate rich red hues mixed with a less dominant violet shade. The result is similar to mahogany wood, that’s why we call it mahogany hair color. You can warm up your cool complexion with mahogany shade and can create a harmonious look with medium skin tones.

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