2017 Hair Colors with Colorful Roots

Trends can start from people rocking the streets with their intriguing and fascinating styles and be inspired by the latest runway looks created by professional and stylish designers. When it comes to hair colors we see the craziest solutions each year offered by the biggest trendsetters, celebrities as well as just stylish women. One of the latest hair coloring ideas in the fashion industry is the base hair shades with colorful roots for 2017. Below you see the most fashionable options and ideas.hair colors with colorful roots 2017Blonde Hair with Pink Roots

When hair is dyed in a light shade the possibilities of dying the roots in an eye-catching shade increase. You easily turn off your hair color into a two-tone effect with the help of an unusual and unique hair color like pink. It can be either light or dark according to your base hair color and skin tone. Since platinum blonde is the most popular blonde shade for 2016/2017, we offer you this cool idea of enhancing your platinum hair. Add pink tints to your roots.blonde hair with pink roots 2017Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Another way to enhance blonde hair is combining it with dark roots. Black, grey and ash brown shades are the best ideas for light blonde hair. They allow you to get a mini-ombre style when you have a short haircut. Perhaps you have gone for a blonde hair color to add a feminine and soft touch to your short pixie haircut. It’s the high time to refresh it with dark roots.

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