2017 Grey Hair Color Inspo

grey ombre hair color 2017Grey Lavender Hair Color

Being inspired by the latest smokestack hair color ideas women dye their locks in the exquisite grey lavender hair color. You may choose this style if you like the light lavender shade but it seems too simple for you. The grayish tone will add a kind of ash effect, which is so ethereal and beautiful.grey lavender hair color 2017Black Grey Split Hair Color

Have you ever seen such a cool contrast? It’s created with the deep black and light grey hair colors that seem to be unmatchable but the fact is that they can provide you with a unique split style. It’s when half of your hair id dyed in one and the other half in another shade. If you want to make a style statement then take the first step and go ahead with this style.black grey split hair color 2017Grey Highlights at The Roots

While some mature women do their best to hide their grey roots others reasonably dye their hair roots in grey and silver shades. They find something very sophisticated and attractive in this style. Of course, the base shade plays a great role but if you consult with a professional hairstylist you will find the best solution for your hair.grey highlights at roots 2017

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