2017 Brunette Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

If you have always thought that brunette hair colors are boring and plain, then you have never met these rich brunette hues. Honey, toffee, espresso – every single shade is stunning. Most of brunette shades are pretty natural, so everyone can find something that will flatter his/her skin complexion. Here I have listed 2017 brunette hair colors for every skin tone. If you are looking for a new way to upgrade your monochrome and lifeless locks, one of these ideas will definitely come in handy. Go on reading to explore some cool brunette hues.  2017 Brunette Hair Colors for Every Skin ToneDeep Brunette Shade for Fair Skin Tone

If you want to adopt this look, ask your colorist to maintain the darker roots and then create a gradual transition from dark base to light brown towards the tips. The key to maintain this look is to go for regular touchups. In case if you have grey roots, ask the colorist to put conditioner on the lighter tips to protect the base during washing. In case if you don’t have lighter ends add subtle balayage highlights.Deep Brunette Shade for Fair Skin ToneRich Brown Hair Color for Medium-Skin Tone

If you have a skin tone like Selena Gomez then this rich brown hair color will definitely work on you. According to the colorists dark and rich shade of brown is great for olive complexion. Ask for a base color that will give you a richer effect. The best part of this shade is that it doesn’t require regular touch-ups.  Rich Brown Hair Color for Medium-Skin ToneBrown Hair Color for Olive Undertones

It is a look to steal! Ask you colorist to keep your natural hair color around the face and add some highlights throughout the locks. This color will allow you to keep your brunette side while channeling your inner blonde. The light creamy hue creates stunning dimension and compliment olive undertones. However this look is also very easy to maintain.Black Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

Slightly darker hair color has been paired with warmer tones to create a rich gloss. The key to achieve this hue is to place some highlights throughout your locks- far from roots. Style your locks stick-straight to bring out the beauty of the shade. This picture proves that solid hair colors can look as elegant and feminine as vibrant hues.Black Hair Color for Dark Skin ToneBrown hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

This dark brown shade allows you to pull off a dark shade without going black. A dark brown hue looks really good on dark skin tone and some face framing balayage highlights come in handy to soften the entire look. You can achieve this particular color by placing a few face framing highlights throughout your strands. It is an excellent way to add extra depth and dimension to your locks.Brown hair Color for Dark Skin Tone

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