2017 Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas

2017 blue and purple hair ideas involve lots of femininity and sweetness. Both are attention grabbing shades that can be mixed with black, blonde and brunette tones. From ombre to dips there is a style for every girl. It is not a secret that blue and purple shades perfectly complement each other and provide you with an incredible hairdo. If you have dreamt about purple and blue hair then the following models will inspire you.    2017 Blue and Purple Hair Color IdeasMidnight Purple

This example proves that it is not necessary to go bright with purple shade. To replicate this design you will need to use a deep purple shade as the base color. Layers of dark gray have been added in different levels to create extra dimension and to finish the look off and it has been styled with plenty of loose curls. This is a good option for girls with long hair.dark purple hairElectric Blue and Purple

This example is for those who are looking for a head turning color combination.  If you are ready to go all out with blue and purple hair, why not try this look? To replicate it your colorist will need to use luscious electric blue for the first layer followed by bright viola for the tips. The sexy curls help to display the beauty of the shades.Electric Blue and PurpleIndigo Hair

This incredible look starts with a vivid indigo shade that was smoothly melted into a purple hue. Bright colors like these will definitely catch the eye before any other shade, so you can be sure of having a unique and outstanding color combo. However this blend works well for women with pale complexions and bright blue eyes just like this model. So if you have features like these, use your chance to emphasize them.indigo hairBlue Ombre Dip Dye

There are various ways to rock blue and purple tints. Here the color comes with a warm milk chocolate shade as a base, which turns into bright tones on the tips. The stylist used several hues to color the tips. So, if you want to replicate this look you will need to mix blue, turquoise and violet shades in a dip dye pattern. The colors perfectly blend into each other and accent the curls all along the bottom.Blue Ombre Dip DyeLilac with Blue

Here is another incredible color mix. For a look like this the model opted for all over lilac shade that goes will with the pale skin tone. On one side she just used a sky blue color while the other side is lilac. Both shades are light and vibrant and she rocks them with a deep parting. With these sassy tones you can wear any hairdo and be sure that you draw attention.Lilac with Blue

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