2017 Blonde Hair Color Inspiration from Hollywood

Would you like to know who are the most inspiring blonde stars in Hollywood? Keep on reading and be inspired by the most glamorous blonde hair colors for 2017 right from Hollywood. Here we have gathered together the most seductive celebrities who rock blond mane like real angels. Take examples from their posh and expensive experiments, as they never count their money when it comes to new hairstyles and hair colors.blonde hair colors 2017Scarlett Johansson Soft Blonde Hair Color

The stunning sun-kissed blonde shades that Scarlett Johansson pulls off ideally work with her light skin tone and warm undertones. She becomes a subtle beauty in soft wavy and messy hairstyles which frame her face with a sophisticated charm. It goes without saying that her light shiny eyes become shinier due to the warm tints of the flaxen blonde. She looks gorgeous even without makeup on.Scarlett Johansson blonde hair color 2017Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Creamy Blonde Hair Color

Amy love the unique hair color combinations that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley chooses for her blonde mane. She is a queen of rose gold and creamy blonde hair colors that compliment her light yet warm complexion with those cute green eyes. The hairstyles matched with the blonde shades are always the latest trends and fresh styles for her thick and healthy tresses.

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