2017 Black-Cherry Hair Color Ideas for Females

The combination of black and cherry shade creates a unique look that draws attention. If you want to get a polish and elegant look then this shade can be the best option to do it. 2017 black–cherry hair colors look fresh and splashy. You can achieve these shades using balayage or foil technique. The other thing that makes it a great hue is that you can design it in various ways by pairing with other shades. If you are ready to embrace your natural texture and switch up your hair color then check out these pictures.   2017 Black Cherry Hair Color Ideas for FemalesPurple and Red Ombre

When soft purple meets hot red, make sure that the result is going to be excellent. In this style the two tones are paired to make the long voluminous waves look stunning. Purple and red tones have been placed on the black base and they are also in an ombre style. All hot-blooded women prefer these shades.

purple red hair color for women 2017

purple red hair color for women 2017

Black and Cherry Color

Here the colors perfectly melt to create a top notch design and one can tell that the colorist was very skillful. It is pretty easy to get this look if you have a black base because you will only need to introduce the cherry hue. The curls on the ends and the length of strands are also crucial.

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