10 Essential Tips for Women with Thick and Curly Hair

Women who have thin and straight hair often envy women with thick and curly hair. They don’t know the struggles through which these thick and curly haired women face on a daily basis. Curly and thick hair can be very demanding at times. It needs very special care so that it looks healthy and glowing. This is mainly because it’s difficult for natural hair oils to reach all the way to the hair ends. Because of that, they need to know some essential tips on how to take care and style their hair. After that, they’ll be able to use all of the potentials that their hair has.

#1: Always start combing the hair from the ends

This can be an essential tip for women with any type of hair. When you comb your hair from the roots, it will further tangle it. Not only that, but it will severely damage it since you will have to pull harder in order to comb it well. When you’re brushing the hair from the ends, you’re going from a section to a section and untangling smaller parts which won’t damage the hair. This tip is especially important for women with curly hair. Why? Because not only does combing the hair from the top damage it, but it also destroys the natural curls. Besides that, if they comb the hair from the top, women with thick hair will create a frizzy-looking hairstyle that simply don’t look pretty.

#2: Stay away from ponytails

Women with thick hair feel the need to put the hair in ponytails more often than others. Ponytails provide a break from constantly having thick hair around your face. If you can’t handle having all that hair on your face, you should instead cut it shorter. You have to be aware of risks that come when you wear your thick hair up too often. Nobody wants their hair to slowly become thinner and thinner!

#3: Wear protective hair ties

In the past few years, we’ve seen a new trend coming in, telephone-wire hair ties. These hair ties are innovative in their look since they kill the monotony that usual hair ties bring. More importantly, these hair ties are able to protect your hair from damage caused by ponytails. Regular hair ties are too harsh on the hair, and we need to tie them tightly if we want to look good. The hair in these telephone-wire hair ties isn’t squished. It’s able to breathe and stay healthy.

#4: Choose short yet appropriate hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle is essential for curly and thick hair. If your hair is too long, the curls will become flatter over time because of all the weight. Besides, well-defined curls are best visible when the hair is kept shorter. Best curly and thick hairstyles are shoulder-length. If you want to see more ideas, then check these styles.

#5: Dry it naturally

When we use too much heat on thick and curly hair, it tends to look very dry and frizzy. To avoid this, try to air dry it as often as you can. Your natural curls will become more visible and pronounced. Try not to brush it. Also, since we don’t want to have frizz, you can add just a bit of hair oil on the top parts. Putting oil on ends of curly and thick hair is a must anyway, but here it’s an essential step.

#6: Style it while it’s still wet

Curly hair is the easiest to style while it’s still wet. Some women put extra mousse and twist their curls so that they stay as defined for long periods of time. Some women even choose to play around and straighten their curly hair while it’s wet, and they do it without using heat. It’s a pretty simple process. First, split your hair into smaller sections. Then, use bobby pins to wrap your hair around your head. After the hair has dried, you can carefully comb it and then apply mousse to make sure it stays straight.

#7: Diffusers are your best friends

Let’s be real, we’re all aware of the fact that it’s best to air dry our hair. The reality is, more often than not we simply can’t do that. That’s where diffusers come to rescue! Diffusers are hairdryer extensions which prevent frizz while significantly enhancing the natural curls. Even if you have only slightly curly hair, a diffuser will bring the best out of it.

#8: Go an extra mile when using heat

Using diffusers and hair curlers involves using heat directly on the hair, so you must protect it! Pick a heat protecting spray or cream depending on your preferences. Most of them contain keratin and vitamin E which are essential for any hair type.

#9: Embrace the volume

This is the best tip on how to look more unique as a woman with thick and curly hair. You’ve got to embrace the crazy amount of volume in your hair. Otherwise, your hair will look lifeless and squished. You can enhance the appearance of voluminous hair by drying it upside down. Don’t be afraid of the volume, many women with dead-straight hair would do anything to have it.

#10: Cut it regularly

It’s less visible when women with curly hair have split ends because the whole hair usually looks quite dry. This is why women with curly and thick hair tend to postpone their visits to the hairdressers. This is especially bad because curly hair usually gets damaged even more easily than straight hair. If you’re not getting rid of the split ends, it can cause further damage.

Having thick and curly hair is something that many women dream of. Most women look absolutely stunning with this hairstyle. Why? Because they’ve learned some of the essential tips about how to properly take care of their hair and how to style it. Thick and curly hair can either be a curse or a blessing. At the end of the day, it’s all about how much you take care of it and how creative you are with the hairstyles you choose.

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