Light Grey Hair Colors from Hollywood

In spite of the fact that grey hair speaks about your getting older many young women go for different shades of grey with great pleasure. Since we have already discovered the best silver hair colors in our previous articles we can go deeper into the theme to find out some of the light grey hair colors for 2017. We have found several cool photos of Hollywood stars in light grey hair colors.light grey hair colors 2017Hilary Duff Light Grey Hair Color

If you do some research about Hilary Duff’s grey hair color you will meet such contrasting pictures where she looks quite different. It seems if she dyes her locks in several gray hues but the secret is that the fresh shade of grey looks washed out and lighter each time she rinses her hair. Here we see her in a light grey hair color that looks like a cool reverse ombre style. The roots are in whitish grey while the tips are pure grey. It makes her hair softer and her entire look subtler.Hilary Duff light grey hair color 2017Cara Delevingne Light Grey Hair Color

Cara has worn both light and dark grey hair colors and since she has medium skin tone with light eyes she easily plays with different tints. They go well with her complexion and bring out the mysterious charm of her light eyes. We love her long, straight and sleek hairstyles in shiny silver hair colors. Granny’s hair is a perfect thing for her.cara delevingne grey hair color 2017Ellie Goulding Light Grey Hair Color

The next astounding lady in grey hair is Ellie Goulding with her light grey hair color. She has recently worn this shade to display the lightness of her complexion with those warm rosy undertones and to make her dark eyes pop out. The side swept straight hairstyle itself is a trendy option for grey hair and goes well with her face shape.Ellie Goulding light grey hair color 2017Lady Gaga Light Grey Hair Color

Lady gaga has a great proto shooting with her amazing light grey hair color. One of those pictures is represented here. As you see, everything is in a posh harmony and sophistication from the complexion to makeup matching. Grey hair makes her more glamorous and seductive. Instead of looking older, she looks younger and super feminine.lady gaga light grey hair color 2017Pink Light Grey Hair Color

No, it’s not a pink and grey hair color combination. It’s our Pink in grey hair color. Her pixie haircut has become very tender and lovely due to the shiny gray hair color. We love her hairstyle and unique look highlighted with dark eye makeup and natural-looking light grey hair 2017

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