Coolest Dark Silver Hair Color Ideas

Every time I do my research in the grey hair coloring art I realize that it becomes very popular all over the world. Stylists create all the possible shades to match with different complexions, eye hues and base hair colors. It’s even fascinating how each find the best shade for her tone. This time we will discover the best dark silver hair colors to use in 2017. If you like dark yet interesting shades then let’s go!dark grey hair colors 2017Dark Silver Hair Color

The classic reflection of the dark silver hair color is best seen on smooth, super straight and sleek hair. We often meet models in long sleek grey hairstyle but short cuts in granny hair trend are also very trendy. Dark grey is a cool hair color to soften short haircuts. It goes well with warm to dark skin tones and dark eyes. However if you want to draw attention on your light complexion instead of the light grey you should go ahead with this dark shade of silver.  dark grey hair color 2017Dark Grey Ombre Hair Color

As for two-tone grey hair colors there is the trendy dark grey ombre waiting for you. It keeps the roots of your hair in a sophisticated dark grey shade and lightens only the tips. The result is a subtle grey ombre hairstyle. You can pick this for medium to long hair and style it into straight or loose wavy hairstyles. The best thing about grey ombre is that it compliments most skin tones as both dark and light tints are used equally to create a contrasting attractiveness. You can match this hair color with light and dark eyes too.

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