Angelic Pastel Hair Colors for 2016/2017

Ethereal and angelic pastel hair colors for 2016/2017 come up with a variety of cute shades, which will highlight your femininity. If you are tired of natural and dull hair colors, then perhaps you may like to experiment with a brand new look due to a pastel pink, blue, peach, purple and green hair colors. Be inspired by the appealing pastel hair colors right here and right now!

2017 Blonde Hair Colors with Pastel Highlights

There are very subtle ways to color to your light blonde hair. One of them is the use of pastel shades. Pastel hair has been having its moment for a while and now it a common and popular style stamen in the fashion world. instead of dying all your hair in a pastel hair color you can add pastel highlights on blonde hair in 2017. This is much more interesting and original. It allows you to create unique looks and inspiring hairstyles.  It may help you to display your taste, way of thinking, lifestyle and unique approach towards the latest trends.blonde hair with pastel highlights for  2017It may not be your personal taste and style to dye all hair in one pastel shade. But if you like, for example pastel pink, purple, green or peach hues you may like to add a breath of these ethereal hair colors to your blonde head. So, highlights are always the best choice. With the help of hair chalks, special pastel dyes and pastel coloring tips you can achieve highlights on your hair even at home, but if you are not sure you can get the desired result, you’d better refer to a professional touch.

Inspiring Pastel Hair Colors for Brunttes

If your stylist has told you that you can’t get pastel hair color because of your brunette hair then you are in the right place. We will inspire you with the best pastel hair colors for brunettes and will give you the most useful ideas on how to achieve the desired look. Don’t be disappointed of what your stylist tells about and just go on with the professional touches and methods.pastel hair colors for brunettes 2017Of course, it’s harder to achieve pastel shade on dark hair but everything is possible if you really seek for it. While light-haired ladies try out any pastel shade they want brunettes need to be patient and wait for a while to get the desired shade on their hair. Stylists say that hair chalks tend to fade quickly on dark hair. So you need to go for a real coloring to showcase the beauty of your fresh pastel hue.

Amazing Pastel Ombre Hair Color Inspiration

The best thing about ombre hair color trend is that it’s very flexible and versatile. One can find millions of ideas on how to get a unique ombre hair color. It sometimes requires your own fantasy and creativity to provide you with an original hairstyle. This time we will discover the best ideas of pastel ombre hair colors. Don’t miss your chance of getting inspired by one of the most ravishing and exquisite hair coloring ideas.pastel ombre hair colors 2017Pastel Pink Ombre Hair Color

Pastel pink is the most popular shade of pastel chosen for hair. It is a feminine and very soft hair color that reminds us of the lovely and sweet cotton candy. If you look for a warm yet light hair color to create an incredible ombre style then pick the pastel pink. Luckily, it goes well both with blonde and light brown hair colors as well as compliments both pale and tanned skin tones. You will get a fantastic hairstyle with pastel ombre hair color.

Lavender Hair Color Ideas and Hairstyles

One of the most interesting things in the fashion world is that everything tends to change by the time. Men wear long hairstyles and women rock short haircuts. When it comes to hair colors, we meet more extravagant solutions and styles both among men and women. But the truth is that women like more frequent updates and styles. For examples lavender hair color is becoming very popular unlike its being so bold and unusual. Though it’s tough to achieve lavender hair color on natural hair colors but many are not afraid of radical changes and cool experiments. In spite of standing in front of the mirror and trying to imagine how you’ll look in lavender hair you can check out my modern collection of lavender hair color and matching hairstyles.lavender hair colors 2017Lavender Ombre Hair Color

The first style that has captured my heart is the lavender ombre hair color. It is best seen on high ponytail hairstyles. The roots are in light ash-y brown shade while the tips are in cool lavender hair color. The combination is so beautiful especially due to the length of the hair. Long and high ponytail hairstyles look very attractive in ombre shades. You will get the pure fairy look with a subtle lavender ombre hair color.

Washed-Out Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The struggle against fading hair colors is now over, as stylists prove that the ultimate hair trend for 2017 is the washed out hair color. We tend to go for frequent showers especially during the hot summer days and as a result, we wash out our fresh hair colors. Believe in me, it’s not a big problem to worry about, because your faded hair color is going to look more fashionable than the fresh hue. Why not embrace washed-out hair colors in 2017? Let’s discover the best ideas to use for the coming hair coloring season.Washed-Out Hair Color Ideas for 2017Take an example from Pyper America Smith who has too light and washed-out blonde hair color. While men copy her brother’s Lucky Blue Smith’s light hair colors, women are welcome to pull off this cute and stunning hue of Pyper America Smith. We have also seen her in light pink, faded grey and many other washed-out hair colors, which highlight her natural beauty.

Wild Hair Color Ideas and Your Skin Tone

People usually choose natural-looking hair colors according to their skin tone, but what about wild hair colors? Things become more complicated when it comes to wild hair colors, because you need to consider more factors before dying your locks. You should pay attention to your current hair color, then complexion and eye hue and then decide what kind of wild hue you seek for. Don’t make the choice beforehand and consult with your hair colorist to choose the best one.wild hair colors 2017Peach Hair Color and Dark Skin Tone

After so many brown and blonde hair colors Rita has also gone for a peach hair color. Many think that pastel inspired shades are only for light-skinned ladies but as you see she has worn the light peach quite daintily and beautifully. Due to the warm undertones of the color, this peachy shade goes well with her warm skin tone and dark eyes. Keeping the roots darker her hairstylist has created a well-balanced style not to make her look washed out.

Warm Pastel Hair Color Ideas

In spite of the fact that pastel hair colors are light in their hues there are warm and cool tones of pastel shades. This time we will discuss the warmest pastel hair colors to give you sunny and hot summer hair-coloring ideas. Experts believe that anyone can pull off pastel hair color if he/she does the right choice. So, make the right choice between these hair colors for your complexion if you have warm undertones. There is always a single choice behind to look at and to go closer. Let’s go closer to the world of the unique hair colors.warm pastel hair colors 2017Warm Peach Hair Color

Peach or sometimes even apricot mixture is great on hair. This light hair color is the warmest shade of all pastels. The best thing about peach hair is that it grabs attention thanks to its warmth and makes you stand out in the crowd. It goes well with many skin tones and eye hues and looks well even with brown eyes. You can match it with soft straight hairstyles or natural curls. I have seen black women in peach pastel big curly hairstyles. They are amazing.

Unusual Hair Color Ideas for Brides

The wedding white dress has the best shade to match with any hair color, that’s why lately we see brave brides who dye their hair in unusual hair colors. Besides thinking of a posh, luxurious and eye-catching hairstyle, you can also go for a unique hair color for your big day. If you choose the most flattering hue for your complexion, your man will surely love it. Just give it a try and enjoy your brand new, angelic, ethereal, glamorous and original hair colors for brides 2017Brides with Red Hair Color

The first fiery hair color that can make you look like a doll is the rich red. This is not the natural-looking ginger but the hot and vibrant red with the fire in it. Women with light skin tones look gorgeous in red hair colors combined with retro hairstyles. Due to the sparkling whiteness of the wedding gown your hair color looks even more attractive and beautiful. It requires red lips and smokey or dark ye makeup.

Sand Art Multi-Tone Hair Colors

Have you seen a bottle beautified with sand art? There are all the shades of rainbow mingled into images and cool exotic elements. The same we have in the hair coloring art. This new multi-tone hair color idea is called sand art hair that continues the rainbow craze with modern touches and creative experiments. It’s the incredible hair coloring idea offered by Rebecca Taylor who has used Pravana hair dye to create these crazy color combinations that now are all over Instagram and Pinterest.Sand Art  Hair colors for 2017The main aim of the sand art hair color is to provide with a bright game of rainbow colors inspired by the 90’s sand art souvenirs from our unforgettable summer holiday. It really reminds us of those crazy hot days on the beach. The chosen shades are basically from the rich palette of pastel hues. However women with dark hair colors opt for brighter multi-tone hair colors to get flattering rainbow look on their hair.

Awesome Pastel Hair Color Combinations

Exceptionally subtle and soft can only be pastel hair. If you seek for a light and doll-y hair color then here are the best pastel shades and combinations for you to try this summer. The gentle flowers colors, could-y effects, candy cotton style and soft marine shades are waiting for you to beautify your current hairstyle. They come up in a variety of tones and perfectly go with each other in harmonious combinations. If you already have pastel-colored hair then check out the most flattering combos with this branch or hair coloring art.pastel hair color ideas 2017Pastel Ombre Hair Color

The first style that I want to represent to you is the pastel ombre hair color. It is a popular trendy shade for women who like to combine light and dark shades. Even dark-haired ladies can experiment with pastel ombre keeping their roots in a dark shade and lightening up the tips. This trick best goes with long hair and compliments various skin tones.