Sweet Caramel Hair Color

Caramel is a pretty hair color with dark and light reflections. There are both caramel brown and blonde hair colors the difference between which is the darkness or the lightness of hues. Actually, it’s a sweet combination of beige blonde and golden brown, which provide with the desired rich and healthy effect. Nowadays many brown-haired women prefer this hair color because of its warmth and lightness, while blonde-haired women go for caramel highlights or just dye their hair in caramel blonde. Today we will unlock the best shades of caramel and will discover the hairstyles and makeup ideas that go well with them. caramel hair color 2017The shimmering warm caramel tints are generally closer to crème brulée and toffee. It is a as sweet as caramel treats and men love the rich and shiny effect of this hair color especially on long hair. The best part about the caramel hair color is that it allows you to add some other hues and highlights in order to create a balayage or ombre style. Therefore you can get a trendy and very attractive hair color.

caramel highlights

caramel highlights

Best Hairstyles for Caramel Hair

Each hair color asks for different hairstyles. As for the glamorous caramel hair we can say that it best goes with long, layered, thick, wavy, curly and straight hairstyles. In order to get a festive and more elegant look you can style your hair into loose wavy updo hairstyles. The many shades of light and dark caramel will play with the rays of the sun providing you with a stunning and gorgeous look. Less suitable hairstyles and haircuts for caramel hair are edgy cuts, short pixies and unisex hairstyles. Caramel “loves” soft, subtle and feminine hairstyles.

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