Caramel Highlights for Blondes and Brunettes

It’s amazing how you can switch up your look with fresh and trendy hair highlights. Caramel is a sweet and cute hair color both for blondes and brunettes but the question is which shade you need to create that smashing, well-balanced and glamorous look. Stylists prove that it all depends on your base hair color, skin tone and the desired style. Caramel highlights on blonde or brunette hair can create various styles from simple warm shades to ombre effects.caramel highlights for brown and blonde hairYour stylist should be able to focus on the warm and light shades of your hair and in case you have only dark hues, he/she must go for the most flattering hues of caramel. The most important thing is to get a natural-looking hair color. This is the best solutions also for women who have grey strands and want to cover them up.caramel highlights 2017Caramel Highlights for Brown Hair

Women with dark chocolate, coffee, espresso and chestnut brown hair colors can chosoe the shades of warm caramel which are able to lighten up their base hair color as well as can provide with a bit of sun-kissed warmth. Since caramel is not a blonde shade itself but a combination of brown and blonde hues, it can be either light or dark. So, it’s preferable to opt for darker caramel hues when it comes to brown hair.

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