2016/2017 Babylights Hair Color Trend

Besides the trendy opal, ombre, ecaille and balayage hair colors for lazy girls there is also another hair coloring technique special for those who are tired of regular touch ups. If you feel as if you are lost in the ocean of popular hair colors and can’t find yours then you’d better try out something new, innovative and more attractive. What about the stunning babylights hair color trend for 2016/2017?babylights hair color trend 2017What are Babylights?

Since babylights are new in the fashion world everyone wants to know what it really is. Well, I am here to tell you that babylights are super soft hair highlights that aim to soften the roots of solid-dyed hair. According to professional hair colorist and celebrity hairstylist Devin Toth these exquisite, super thin and beautiful highlights are perfect for ladies who want to look prettier pretending that they haven’t visited a salon to get that stunning look. In other words, babylights are meant for natural yet sophisticated looks.Babylights Hair ColorBabylights for Brunettes

It is recommended to lighten up dark hair colors with light babylights as they are perfect particularly for brunettes. You might be timid about changing your locks into a lighter shade but you’ll surely love to embrace your dark hair. So, think of cute babylights in caramel, dark blonde or any other light and warm hue.Babylights for Brunettes 2017Perhaps the best thing about babylights is that they are super low-maintenance. If you hate visiting salon so often for touch ups or just can’t find time to do the same at home then you need a low-maintenance hair highlighting idea like babylights. They are ideal for women who come in just two or three times a year who need plan a useful approach to long-lasting highlights. They still look pretty as they grow out. Another advantage of babylights is that they can really brighten up your face. If your hair is monochrome and dull, you are welcome to liven it up with the help of babylights. Place them around your face framing strands to add depth and dimension.Babylights for curls 2017Babylights and Matching Hairstyles

One of the most flattering state of hair for babylights is the curly style. Whether you are a natural curly beauty or often style your locks into curls, you will have an amazing appearance with babylights on your curls. However, there is no special type of hair for babylights but stylists prove that the best effects are reflected on curls and short haircuts. So, in case you are not fond of curs, you can opt for short haircuts to create incredible state for babylights. Bobs and lobs are the trendiest haircuts for such shades and hair coloring techniques.Babylights for curls for 2017

Babylights for short hair 2017

Babylights for short hair for 2017

Babylights for Brunettes 2016


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