Stunning Celebrities in Brown Hair Colors

Brown hair color is perhaps the most elegant and “humble” hair color of all. All the light and dark shades of brown are so lovely, sweet, subtle, mysterious and attractive. They tend to make your hairstyle very healthy and shiny. Brown hair has millions of fans all over the world and the most amazing thing about it is that it can be glamorous even in natural effects. Today we will get our inspiration from the posh celebrities in brown hair colors. Keep your eyes on some of the best looks to try in 2017.celebrity brown hair colors 2017Bella Hadid Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Bella Hadid is one of the most beautiful brunette celebrities with light eyes and pale skin tone. She has worn many dark shades of brown but the natural-looking chestnut is the softest hair color that she has ever rocked. It goes well with her straight, thick medium to long hairstyles. The neutral shades of chestnut compliment her light eye and make them even subtler.Bella Hadid chestnut brown hair color 2017Megan Fox Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Another cool celebrity with light eyes and somehow light complexion is Megan Fox who wears brunette hair. She often updates her hair color with caramel highlights and the result is this rich combination. Her vixen vibe becomes prettier due to the stunning big curly hairstyle. Combined with seductive makeup her entire look grabs attention.

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