Hottest Hair Highlights for Dark Hair

Dark brunette and black hair is always beautiful and shiny with trendy highlights. Once you refresh your monotone hair with eye-catching highlights, you feel the huge and more attractive change in your look. Hairstylists give us many ideas on how to highlight dark hair beautifully but if you need more inspiration then check out my collection of hair highlights for dark hair and opt for the style that meets your preferences.highlights for dark hairPurple Highlights for Black Hair

Plum or purple is a dark and shiny hair color that looks well-balanced with dark especially with black hair. If you have such then go ahead with purple, highlights applying them on the front layers or bangs. This idea works well both with long and short haircuts. If you like, you can combine several shades of purple and blue in a harmonious manner. The result is going to be unique, eye-catching and vibrant.purple highlights for black hair 2016Red Highlights for Dark Hair

Any shade of dark hair look perfect with red highlights. The only thing you need to pay special attention is the red shade you choose for your current dark hair. Actually brown locks look pretty with auburn and mahogany red highlights, while black hair request darker red hues like burgundy or Marsala. In order to get a flashy and very bright effect go for fiery and copper red highlights. Lately red and dark brown ombre hairstyles are also very trendy.Red Highlights In Dark Brown Hair PicturesCaramel Highlights for Dark Hair

Sweet and warm caramel highlights are ready to beautifully and lighten up dark hair colors. If the previous ideas seem somehow artificial for you, then caramel is the thing you need for your hair. This combination looks more natural and goes well with many skin tones. According to your base hair color, your stylist can pick the most suitable dark or light caramel hues.caramel highlights for dark hair 2016Rainbow Highlights for Dark Hair

While light-haired women enjoy the charm of pastel highlights, we, brown-haired women opt for rainbow hues. The bright yellow, purple, green, blue and orange shades wait for us to brighten up our hot summer days. Due to the innovative and more evolved hair styling opportunities today, we can be provided by stunning rainbow hairstyles. They are the best ideas for festivals, birthdays and other parties.rainbow highlights for dark hairTurquoise Highlights for Dark Hair

One of my favorite hair highlighting ideas is the turquoise shade. It seems as if it is crated special for dark hair. The chameleon brightness and shine reflected on dark waves is incredible and so amazing. Add the green to bluish turquoise highlights on your hair and style it into wavy or curly hairstyles.turquoise highlights for dark hairBlonde Highlights for Dark Hair

As for blonde shades, several cute hues match dark hair. One of them is the dark honey blonde. It is a glossy and light hair color that warms and lightens up dark hair. If you want to liven up your hairstyle then go for lighter blonde hair colors matching your complexion, eye hue and base hair color.blonde highlights for dark hair

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