Hottest Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

So sweet and rich can be the chocolate brown hair color with all its light and dark tones. This is one of the most popular Hollywood’s hair colors that captures many famous brunettes. Check out our favorite collection of chocolate brown hair colors worn by the most seductive brunette celebrities. Find your inspiring look below and decide whether you want to become a natural-looking brunette or not. They say women who once wear brunette hair fall in love with dark hair colors.Chocolate brown hair colors 2017Sandra Bullock Chocolate Brown Hair Color

You may hardly find someone with purely chocolate brown hair. Many opt for highlights to make it richer and shinier. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite brunette celebrities who rocks chocolate brown shades with face framing highlights. They generally compliment her skin tone and eye hue creating a well-balanced effect.Sandra Bullock brown hair color 2017Maggie Gyllenhaal Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Perhaps this is one of the rare cases when we see chocolate brown hair color as a base shade without additional hues and highlights. It’s embraced by Maggie Gyllenhaal. She loves this hair color as it displays her light skin tone and charming eyes. Be it a bob or a pixie haircut Maggie Gyllenhaal always looks delightful in her glamorous brown shade.

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